Foods that pregnant women should eat and avoid during 2 months of pregnancy

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Age 2 months pregnant will begin to result in the mother gaining weight. But at the same time, it may cause some mothers to have severe morning sickness. due to increased hormone levels In the part of the baby in the womb, it begins to change, for example, the placenta is formed and some organs are created. The central nervous system and the baby’s brain are already developing. Let’s see that during the 2 months of pregnancy, the mother should choose to eat and what kind of food to avoid.

Foods that pregnant women should eat and avoid during 2 months of pregnancy

Foods that pregnant women should eat during 2 months of pregnancy

This is because during the second month of pregnancy, some organs of the fetus begin to develop. The central nervous system and the brain are already developing. The circulatory system and heartbeat are also developed. And in terms of food that mothers should eat during this period is UFABET

1. Foods rich in iron
foods rich in iron Will help in the maintenance of blood for the mother. It transports oxygen to different parts of the body, including through the placenta to the baby as well. It is also a nutrient that helps prevent anemia in pregnant mothers and babies.

2. Protein foods
Due to the gestational age of 2 months, the baby will begin to build organs. The protein is a food that helps to build organs. of the fetus is very good

3. Calcium foods
Calcium is an outstanding nutrient for building strong bones and teeth. It also helps in the development of the muscles of the fetus.

4. Foods that provide vitamin B2
Foods Rich in Vitamin B2 It is important for the growth of the baby in the womb. This is considered a nutrient that mothers should receive throughout pregnancy that has it all.

5. Foods with folic acid
A diet rich in folic acid helps each cell of the embryo become strong. which if the mother does not receive this type of nutrient May be at risk of causing abnormalities in the nervous system of the baby. and also at risk of premature birth

Foods that pregnant women should avoid during 2 months of pregnancy

For the foods that expectant mothers at 2 months of pregnancy should be avoided in order not to affect the development of the baby in the womb are as follows:

1. Drinks , tea, coffee.
The reason pregnant mothers should stop drinking tea and coffee. because of the caffeine in these drinks Contributes to the absorption of iron does not work well enough.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol contributes to the destruction of nerve cells. This will result in impaired growth in the baby. low birth weight and have a low rate of weight gain after birth Including the development of intelligence, memory and movement are also impaired.

3. Unpasteurized milk
Unpasteurized milk can contain microorganisms and even pathogens. that made the mother’s health worse And there is also a risk of harm to the baby as well.

4. Uncooked food
uncooked food There is a chance to cause fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. These symptoms can cause side effects to the fetus. Even eating raw eggs is forbidden for expectant mothers. If you want to add protein from eggs It should always be cooked before eating.

In addition to certain foods and drinks that are forbidden for mothers who are pregnant for 2 months, there is also a matter of having to eat food that has been cooked as well. because eating cooked food It is very necessary for pregnant women. Whether it’s semi-cooked or raw, it should be avoided all together.