Vegetables and fruits that are eaten too much may harm health

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Who said that eating only fruits and vegetables will make your body strong? There are also some fruits and vegetables that I never eat too much of.

An article from Harvard Health Publishing  states that fruits and vegetables with a high glycemic index should be avoided in excess. Because it may result in health problems, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. And lead to the cause of death ever.

Vegetables and fruits that are eaten too much may harm health

What is the glycemic index?

Information from McCormick Hospital provides information that the Glycemic Index (GI) is an index used to measure the ability to absorb food. which resulted in increased blood sugar levels of various foods The food with a high glycemic index is the food that the UFABET body can absorb food quickly. causes blood sugar to rise rapidly It makes us hungry easily, wanting to eat more food in larger quantities and more often, which puts us at risk of gaining weight. until the risk of type 2 diabetes and increased risk of cardiovascular disease We should therefore avoid foods that are glycemic. The index is high enough, for example, drinking sweet water. will refresh the body quickly get energy instantly But the received energy will quickly disappear. debilitate and want to eat more sweets until fat

This is in contrast to foods that are low in the glycemic index, which are foods that raise blood sugar gradually. increase slowly thus helping us to fill our stomachs not feeling hungry easily

Fruits and vegetables with high glycemic index values

Foods with a high glycemic index that we should limit the amount we eat appropriately include:


  • wish
  • carrot
  • sweetcorn
  • tomato
  • purple cabbage 
  • marrow


  • watermelon
  • pineapple
  • mango
  • durian
  • longan
  • jackfruit
  • prunes
  • custard apple
  • Maprang
  • pomegranate
  • lychees

flour and sugar

  • white rice
  • large rice noodles (noodles)
  • white bread
  • granulated sugar
  • sticky rice
  • cornflakes


  • nectar
  • lemonade
  • various candies

Fruits and vegetables that are low in the glycemic index.

Recommended fruits and vegetables to eat more include:


  • broccoli
  • asparagus
  • cauliflower
  • cabbage
  • coriander
  • mushroom
  • cucumber
  • lettuce
  • radish
  • spinach
  • various nuts
  • kale
  • onion
  • pumpkin
  • purple sweet potato
  • black pepper
  • okra


  • foreigner
  • orange
  • banana
  • apple
  • grape
  • cherry
  • kiwi
  • papaya
  • peach
  • strawberry
  • raspberry

Food without glycemic index

All kinds of meat, eggs and nuts.

Notes on foods with glycemic index values

  • high fiber foods It has a low glycemic index.
  • Vegetables and fruits, the more ripe, the carbohydrates will be digested. and is absorbed faster make the glycemic The index is higher than when it was raw.
  • Food when processed to produce more The more distant the value. higher index

The glycemic index is not everything.

Some foods, such as carrots, although high in the glycemic index, contain important vitamins and minerals. While ice cream is low in glycemic index, it is high in sugar and saturated fat. Therefore, in terms of nutritional value Ice cream can’t compete with carrots.

Therefore, in choosing food Many factors need to be considered, not just looking at the glycemic value. index alone Still focusing on choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables Reduce fat from meat, sugar, less refined flour. and exercise regularly get enough rest This can help you stay healthy.