‘Juve’ submitted a bid for ‘Firmino’ for 19.5 million pounds, but was immediately rejected by the ‘Swan’

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Juventus made an offer of £19.5m for Samba striker Roberto Firmino. But was rejected by Liverpool as the player remained in Jurgen Klopp’s plans german.

Tutto Juve dot com Sports media in Turin News reports that Juventus. The Italian Serie A battle team, have made an offer of 19.5 million pounds. About 858 million baht for the purchase of Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian offensive line. but was hit by Liverpool. The agency of the players in the Premier League refusing to come out unkind  

'Juve' submitted a bid for 'Firmino' for 19.5 million pounds, but was immediately rejected by the 'Swan'

The 30-year-old is still one of the Reds’ side since joining from Hoffenheim in a £29million. Deal in the summer of 2015 under Brendan Rod. Gers before switching to the current coach Jurgen Klopp. Which he is still in the UFABET team’s plans all along Although the latter role is reduced

However, with just one year remaining on his contract, Zebra , who had previously been interested in the player, tried to measure by making an offer of £19.5 million, but the Anfield team did not want to let go. Players went out to reject such an offer, but the Bianconeri plans to increase the amount of the fee to another.

Firmino has been with Red Machine for seven years, scoring 98 goals in 327 games across all competitions. The best season was 2017-2018 with 27 goals in 54 games across all competitions. As for last season, referred to the problem with injuries. Along with the team having Diogo Jota and the beginning of the year just bought Luis Diaz to add to the army, he has only played 35 games, scoring 11 goals.

As for the new season, although Sadio Mane was sold to Bayern Munich, but bought Darwin Nunez , the Uruguay striker to replace it, it seems. There will be no room for the Samba to play, however , Jota has frequent injuries. German boss Which I like in the Firmino is already the original capital. therefore do not think about releasing the player in any way