‘Ghost’ agrees to pay ‘Ten Hag’ 3 million pounds if taking the team to win UCLA tickets

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Manchester United have paid an additional £3 million to new manager Erik ten Hag. If able to lead the team to play the UEFA Champions League. Which is not comparable to the money lost from missing the cup.

The Daily Mail reports that Premier League side Manchester United are ready to pay the new manager Erik ten Hag a bonus of £3 million or about 132 million baht. If they can take the Devil  Daeng did a great job. Successfully returned to play in the next season of the UEFA Champions League .  

'Ghost' agrees to pay 'Ten Hag' 3 million pounds if taking the team to win UCLA tickets

United last won the trophy in 2017. Have finished sixth on three occasions in the past six seasons in the top division. And wants to return to the top four in the new season 2022-2023 to qualify for Europe’s largest cup tournament. Which brings huge prize money. 

According to The Sun the Red Devils have lost about 90 million pounds. About 3,963 million baht from missing out on UCLA. Part of it comes from the 25 million pounds or around 1,100 million baht that they will have to lose from a deal with adidas, the manufacturer of the kit at 75 million pounds per year, or about 3,302 million baht. 

Other losses will come from broadcasting rights, prize money and stadium game tickets. This will further damage the UFABET club’s financial condition. Meanwhile, some fans have been wary of buying new kits with Cristiano Ronaldo’s name on the back because the star player was I don’t want to play the Europa League either.

That means Manchester United will have to pay bonuses to the new manager, which compares to the money lost from not playing in the Champions League is very little at just 3 million pounds. The Old Trafford side also have two warm-up games against Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano before kicking off the new season with home matches against Brighton and Ho. F Albion on Sunday August 7