Xavi especially praises one player after Barca beat Madrid in pre-season

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Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona manager Came out to admire one of the team in particular after the latest El Clasico game that the merit army narrowly beaten Real Madrid in the morning.

club friendly football In the morning of today (Sunday, July 24, 2022) is the El Clasico battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with this pair playing at the Allegiant Stadium. M, Paradise (Las Vegas), Nevada, USA The result showed that the Bundesliga team won 1-0. The only goal in this UFABET  game came in the 27th minute from a mistake by Eder Militao, the ball went into Rafinha who pressed too. focus on left The ball jumped into the triangle beautifully. 

Xavi especially praises one player after Barca beat Madrid in pre-season

Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona coach Very satisfied with the performance of his players by pointing out that “There are no friendly matches at Barca. We have many opportunities Lots to see But we are in the pre-season. And we are already trying different things and even more with Madrid. we want to win we want to compete And I think we’re doing really well. We had some problems at the end of the game but I’m still happy with the game today.” “We are a better team. a lot of optimism But on the other hand, it’s clear that we need to improve. especially in regards to the level of the body But in pre-season like this, I’m quite enough. I would say very happy Not because of the victory, but that too. but because of the excitement that we give.”

 In his analysis of the match, Xabi said: “I think the first half was great and we always dominated over them. We create a lot of opportunities and new players. I understand each other very well. In the second half we had problems with players like Modric, Casemiro, we had physical problems at the end of the game. but we do well We attack well, defend well, we have our own characteristics and overall I am satisfied.”

         “We are here to win Barca and compete again. to win the championship again which is the goal of this year I think we are all making an effort. Both the chairman, or Mateu (Alemani) and Jordi (Cruff) , the club’s sporting director. and we as employees I also said that we are like family and we want Barça to be great again. The feeling was beautiful and positive. I think we are building a great team. But in the end, it has to be shown.”

Asked about the two new players , Rafinha and Robert Lewandowski, Xabi especially praised the Polish striker’s world-class talent: “You see, Rafin? Ya can really make a difference. He is very active Able to play as a wing on either side, Robert is a world-class star who comes with great humility. He came to our aid and adapted very quickly. the truth is I am very happy with the combination of the two. meanwhile He’s going to add to the competition at the highest level and in this way we all have to be a little more alert.”

         Asked about the possibility of Jules Kundee ‘s arrival, Xavi said he was unable to mention a player who was not yet in the squad. “We cannot talk about players who are not there. We will try to strengthen the army so that there are two players of the same level in the same position. But at the moment I can’t say anything . Everyone started from scratch. everything is competing My name is not important, but it is important to the form of play.”