‘Xabi’ informs ‘De Yong’ wants to stay, must cut wages by almost half

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Barcelona manager Xabi Hernandez meets with Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Yong. To the future path If you want to stay on the team. You have to cut your wages by almost half and don’t play a good midfield position.

As the famous media in the country of the bull. News reports that Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has told Holland midfielder Frenkie de Jong. If he wants to stay with the team. Having to cut almost half of his current wages to support the club’s financial position. While playing in a non-midfield position like before. 

'Xabi' informs 'De Yong' wants to stay, must cut wages by almost half

Previously, Manchester United have agreed to pay the 25-year-old. Midfielder to Barca in the amount of 75 million euros or about 2,728 million baht. Plus pay add-ons worth 10 million euros or about 363 million baht, leaving only an agreement. Personal terms with players only. It will complete the deal, causing the merit to throw in. Want the team to move as soon as possible. 

But with the players do not want to move out of Azul Grana and there are reports that The agency still owes about 17 million euros or about 638 million baht from the policy to extend the payment due to the Covid-19 crisis. Causing this deal to remain pricey, which, according to the latest report, said Xabi spoke with De Jong again to discuss his options on whether to stay or go. 

by the Spanish Grandmaster described the harsh reality: If he wants to remain part of the project within the team He has had to cut his current wages by almost half and he will be playing but in a position other than midfield. Just as he has played as a centre-half in Barca’s last two friendly games.

The report also added that Both the coach and the players Leaving the meeting satisfied, with De Jong ready to make a big financial sacrifice. To ensure that he will continue to stay with the UFABET team, however, this time is referred to as the final decision. Will stay or will move the team and will be Manchester United or Chelsea, another team that is interested in wanting as well