What methods are there fish shooting game?

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How to play online fish shooting game is easy to understand. It starts with adding credits and setting up ammunition. Choose to adjust the maximum amount and the minimum amount to bet on the in-game menu bar. The credit amount will decrease according to the number of bullets fired. If you change your weapon to a net or explode The credit value will decline rapidly. Therefore, the budget must be controlled along with the practice of precision skills to make a profit. Fish shooting games get real money, such as shooting 10 credits at a time, having to shoot 3 times, the fish will die, the balance is reduced by 30 credits, but the score of the fish is 50 credits equal to that there is a profit of 20 credits

What methods are there fish shooting game

For this reason, each shot fired must be carefully calculated. Know the cost and return that are deducted from each other as a profit. The strategy of shooting enough ammunition to kill the fish is something that must be understood and calculated in advance. Because this game is multiplayer. Calculating the number of bullets that kill a fish will be helpful for players. Simply put, if a UFABET game has 4 players, a fish gets 3-4 shots to death when a player only has 10 shells. No. Need to fire up to 4 rounds, but wait for 3 more players to hit each fish then start a 4th shot, kill the fish with only one bullet.