Vocabulary to know before playing dummy

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  • Birth is the combination of cards in the face-up pile and the cards in the hand accordingly. How to play dummy specified. Such as the occurrence of three cards such as KKK 5 5 5 9 9 9. The occurrence of the same color cards such as 2 3 4 clubs 6 7 8 hearts. Which after every occurrence will One card must be discarded to the face-up pile every time.
  • Deposit means to renew or reduce the cards in the player’s hand. In which the player is able to bring the cards in their hand to deposit the UFABET cards of other players who are born. For example, someone is born with 3 players who have 3 cards in their hand. The other card can be deposited face up. Depositing cards in a sequence. When someone is born 5 6 7 clubs 4 8 clubs can be deposited as well.

Knocking is when any player has a cascading card and triple card. Until it can only be left facing up 1 card, it is considered a winner or knocked out, for example 2 2 2, 5 6 7 and the card that is face down. is 9, etc. Knocking points are worth 50 points.

  • Dark Knock is a knock without the player spawning at all. Which will have a knockout point that is up to 100 points, while someone who has a normal knock and the player is not born will also be knocked out of the dark as well
  • The stupid wait or the knock-out wait Means that the player has a card that is ready to knock from the other player discarding the card or from the draw. For example, the player holds the card 4 4 5 waiting for 3, 4, 6 to add to knock.
  • Stupid Discarding means having the next player waiting for a card when one of the players prepares to win and waits for another. Where the other player discards the card that the player waited before can wait stupid enough. While knocking people leave others, they are called stupid dumps.

For newbies who learn to play dummy, don’t worry in the beginning, there may be some obstacles, so don’t worry. Keep practicing and observing well enough to be able to develop skills. Especially foolish discarding, if you observe another player being born in the pile and remember the cards in the hand that have been collected up to this extent, then you will not be foolishly discarded.