The ultimate 2 in 1 hair and nails nourishing food. Eat regularly and see results for sure.

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Any girl whose nails are easily broken and do not know how to solve this problem Today we will invite you to nourish and take care of your nails to be strong by choosing to eat foods that are rich in nutrients that directly nourish your nails. And in addition to these foods will help nourish nails. Along with solving the problem of damaged nails or nails that break easily It also helps to nourish the hair to be strong as well. Let’s take a look at the food that we come together today to have something.

The ultimate 2 in 1 hair and nail nourishing food. Eat regularly and see results for sure.

1. Sea fish,
sea fish, whether it’s sardines, tuna or salmon. They are all foods that help nourish nails and hair very well. Because these fish are rich in protein, biotin and very high in omega-3 fatty acids. You will have strong nails and hair from eating these fish. It also helps to lose weight with good results. It also reduces the risk of heart disease as well.

2. Chicken eggs
, because eggs are rich in biotin. Therefore, it is not strange that it is classified as a food that helps nourish nails and hair to be strong. So who has nail problems? Whether the nails are broken or broken easily Recommended to keep eating eggs every day. It will help reduce this ufabet problem very well.

3. Berry fruit family
berry fruit Whether it’s strawberries, blueberries or blackberries. They are all fruits rich in biotin and antioxidants. which nutrients like biotin Will help in the maintenance of strong nails and hair. while the antioxidant It will help to nourish the skin to be healthy. Help prevent wrinkles. and also helps girls Doesn’t look old too.

Mushrooms Mushrooms are classified as foods rich in biotin. Which is a nutrient that helps nourish nails and hair to be strong as well So if the girls Began to notice that their nails became weak and break easily. It was recommended to eat foods that included mushrooms in the menu as well. Not limited to any type of mushroom, which women can choose to eat the type of mushroom they like.

5. Nuts and Grains
Nuts and grains are rich in biotin. Which is a substance that helps nourish nails and hair to be strong. It also helps nourish the skin of girls. To have good skin health as well The most recommended nuts and grains are mung beans, soybeans, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

How are you? After knowing the types of food that help maintain healthy nails and hair. It can be seen that each food is rich in nutrients that not only help maintain healthy nails or hair. but also contributes to healthy skin as well In any case, don’t forget to eat these foods to maintain strong nails as well.