“Eggs pickled with fish sauce” are they good for health or dangerous and shouldn’t be eaten?

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“Fish Sauce Pickled Eggs” is another menu item that people who like to eat strange dishes like. I like the taste that is unlike any menu I’ve ever eaten, and I can eat raw eggs. I’ve probably probably tasted them before. But actually, eggs pickled in fish sauce are beneficial. Or is there any hidden danger?

“Eggs pickled with fish sauce” are they good for health or dangerous and shouldn't be eaten?

Pickled eggs with fish sauce, a popular menu item that may be dangerous?

If talking about the dangers of the fish sauce pickled egg menu. The important reason seems to be the main ingredient, “raw eggs. Which will determine whether a cup of fish sauce pickled eggs is harmful to our body or not.

Eggs are a factor that cooks may overlook because more than 90% of people who make fish sauce pickled eggs purchase eggs from general convenience stores. Those eggs may be unpasteurized eggs. or raised in an open system It’s like an egg that isn’t very clean. If you want to make a menu of pickled eggs with fish sauce. They should only be eggs that have been sterilized. They must be eggs that have been specially produced from the breed of the father and mother hen. That are well protected against germs Safe from residues that cause drug resistance in humans. Therefore, if you want to eat the fish sauce pickled egg menu safely. You must be careful when choosing to buy eggs. Because we have to eat it raw.

Are raw eggs useful?

Actually, raw or cooked eggs have health benefits. But I would recommend eating cooked eggs more. Because eating raw eggs will cause our body to not fully receive nutrients from eggs. Because raw eggs are very slippery Raw eggs are transported quickly through the small intestine before the ทางเข้า ufabet body can absorb the beneficial nutrients. In short, the small intestine cannot absorb the nutrients from raw eggs in time. In addition, the mucus from egg whites may interfere with the digestive juices in the stomach. This makes it even more difficult to digest food.

In addition, raw eggs contain a substance called avidin that may cause the body to lack biotin. and has negative effects on the body, such as fatigue and lack of energy Hair loss, loss of appetite, nervous system disorders, etc.

Should I eat eggs pickled with fish sauce?

People who have eaten raw eggs and have not had problems with bloating or indigestion may be able to eat eggs pickled in fish sauce. But we don’t recommend eating it often. Because in addition to the risk of contracting some diseases that may come with raw eggs that are not clean You also get a lot of sodium per 1 cup of fish sauce pickled eggs, which can have a negative effect on your body, including kidney rot and high blood pressure. Therefore, if you are confident in the quality of the raw eggs used You can eat it once in a while, but if you can avoid it, just eat plain cooked eggs. And it would be better if you didn’t add much seasoning.